Gold Coast Removals Company – done for you, or help us move and cut the cost!

Welcome to Butlers Mini Movit – Your Specialist Gold Coast Removals Company!

Normally, you have two choices – using a Gold Coast Removals Company or DIY.

At Butlers Mini Movit Gold Coast removals, we offer you a third option.  Our “One Man + Truck” option gives you the expertise, equipment (including removal truck) and tricks of the trade from a professional with 20 years of Gold Coast removals experience.  But, you get to provide the second removalist (or more) and so dramatically cut the cost of your Gold Coast Removal.


I will help you, organise you, show you how to protect your household goods, teach you how to get the fridge round that awkward corner on the stairs, provide all the equipment – All for just $75 per hour!

If you want us to do it all for you, two men and a truck costs just $100 per hour.

And – Our time starts at YOUR door, not ours.  When you are comparing Gold Coast Removals Companies, watch for this or your move could cost a lot more than you think!

We specialize in Gold Coast removals. Please ask for a free quote outside the Gold Coast area.

While the majority of our work is moving a whole house, we also move single items and specialize in difficult items like pianos or moving a home gym.

For the best deal on Gold Coast Removals, ring Andrew on 0417 952 748 or Natalie on (07) 5533 9547.

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Check out any Gold Coast Removals Company you want – then come back here for the best deal around on Gold Coast Removals!

Gold Coast Removals

Butlers Mini Movit specialize in Gold Coast Removals for businesses and individual homeowners.

In addition to Gold Coast Removals they also operate as delivery agents for larger items such as kitchen fitouts, white goods deliveries, etc.  If you have a regular need for large items that are outside Australia Post limits, using a Gold Coast removalist can be a very cost-effective solution.

Butlers Gold Coast Removals specialize in the following:

Gold Coast RemovalsBroadbeach Removals

Burleigh Removals

Coolangatta Removals

Currumbin Removals

Elanora Removals

Palm Beach Removals

Robina Removals

Southport Removals

Surfers Paradise Removals

For both business deliveries and household removals.

Because they charge on an hourly basis, from the time they arrive at your door, Butlers Mini Movit are very economical.  You can book Andrew for $75 per hour, or Andrew plus a second team member for $100 per hour.

Ring Andrew now on 0417 952 748 or Natalie on  (07) 5533 9547 to book your Gold Coast Removalist.

7 questions you need to ask before you book!

All Gold Coast Removalists are different – Here are 7 Questions you need to ask.

1.  Do your Gold Coast Removalists work Saturdays or Sundays?   BIG issue, this one, for people who work Mon-Friday and can not really afford time off work.

2.  Equally important – Does the Gold Coast Removalist charge extra for Saturday or Sunday work? If you can not afford time off work Mon-Fri, it does not help if your move is at double time!

3.  Hidden Costs – Does the time start from YOUR door or from the Gold Coast Removal Companies door?  Also, does the Gold Coast Removal Company you are considering charge extra for fuel? Or is it included in the hourly rate?

4.  Can you keep the cost down by becoming one of the Gold Coast Removalist team for the day? Even if you can not move big, heavy stuff, when you are paying by the hour just helping by moving small, light stuff out to the truck cuts the cost.

5.  Are your Gold Coast Removalists easy to work with?

All Gold Coast Removals are stressfull, and working with Gold Coast Removalists that are easy going helps.  What do exististing clients say about your Gold Coast Removalists? Always check Testimonials.

6.  Do they do High Rises, etc? Do NOT assume – Check before booking..

Gold Coast Removalists - Mini Movit7.  Do you have special needs? For example, moving plants. Always talk to your Gold Coast Removalist well ahead of the move about any special needs. If you have tons of house plants and are moving from Gold Coast to Northern New South Wales for example, there are cross-border issues.

Some everyday items – like the Gas Canister on your BBQ – need specially handling, and moving them may even be forbidden; gas and petrol are good examples. Another one to watch is being a member of a Gun Club – Gold Coast removalists are not permitted to move ammunition.

At Butlers Mini Movit we go the extra mile to make sure we are Gold Coast Removalists you will use again, and recommend to your friends. Unlike many Gold Coast Removal Companies, we see each move as an opportunity to get further business from referalls – so we go all out to help your Gold Coast removals go perfectly.

Ring Andrew on 0417 952 748 or Natalie on  (07) 5533 9547 for the Gold Coast Removalists you would be happy to recommend to your friends.

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Gold Coast Removals Company – done for you, or help us move and cut the cost!

Packing Tips for Gold Coast Removals

Gold Coast Removals Checklist

Gold Coast Removals – Fun Break

Mini Movit – Gold Coast Removalists – Ring Andrew on 0417 952 748

Packing Tips for Gold Coast Removals

Here are a few Packing Tips to help your Gold Coast Removals.

As usual, the simple tips are the best.  Just one of the tips here that will help with your Gold Coast Removals is using a different coloured tape for each room as you seal the box.  Simple, but effective!


One thing I found when searching for free boxes for my Gold Coast Removals was that the smaller retailers were much more cooperative than the big retailers – they just gave me whatever they had to get the boxes out of their way. The retail giants had a “we are not allowed to give boxes away any more” attitude – although one lady gave me a wink and added, “we just dump them out back for collection.”
There is a lot of rubbish on the Internet, but the videos made by Coldwell Banker are both professional and useful – you can find more here, mostly on buying and selling a house:

See also:  Gold Coast Removals Checklist

Hope you found this info on Gold Coast Removals Packing Tips helpful!

Gold Coast Removals Checklist

Gold Coast Removals Checklist – Our Top 20 Tips

Here is a quick Checklist to help your Gold Coast removals go smoothly; there is so much going on when you move house, it is easy to forget things.

1. Electricity – Getting to your new house and finding there is no electricity is no fun. Start a week out from your move; electricity companies are not known for lightening fast responses. Close off your supply to the old address 1 day after moving – you may need to go back the day after you move.

2. Phone – I start the phone saga 10 days out from moving day. No phone, no internet!

3. Internet Connection. Internet services also take a few days to organise – start early. These three – electricity, phone and internet – depend on each other; planning ahead can save a lot of frustration.

4. Water, both new and old premises

5. Mail – Good to have a Redirection Serice set up for 3-6 months; its almost guaranteed you will forget someone.

6. Doctor / Dentist – Again, set up ahead of the move. If you need a doctor or dentist, it is good to know they are already set up.

7. Pets – If you have pets, think about how you are going to move them and register with a vet in your new area.

8. Insurance – Let your insurers know you are moving; house, contents, car, etc.

9. Schools – this can be time consuming and starting 3-4 weeks before moving is a good idea; check out uniforms, books etc that may be needed.

10. Bank – Essential to set this up early.

11. Help around the house – If you have a gardener, cleaner, window cleaner, make sure they know you are leaving. Set up in new area.

12. Library – Return old books; once they are packed they may stay packed for a while – while you run up fines. Set up in new area.

13. Driving Licence – Remember it is an offence in most places not to have your current address on your driving licence.

14. Credit Cards – Apart from lost statements, you may have a problem with transactions if your current address does not match the Statement address.

15. Online Accounts – Not as urgent, but if you use Ebay, Amazon and the like, make sure you amend delivery addresses.

16. Friends – Your email address often stays the same when you move – email all your friends your new physical address.

Gold Coast Removals17. Electoral Role – Update your details.

18. Have a “declutter” session and a Garage Sale a month before moving; no point and packing and moving stuff you no longer need. In fact, if you are selling your home, unclutter it before you list it.

19. Exchange mobile phone numbers with your removals driver before you set off, in case you get parted.

20.  By planning ahead, you can have a peaceful transition from your old house to the new one; the few days after moving are usually pandemonium and things can get forgotten.

Hope you found this Gold Coast Removals Checklist helpful. If you have any useful tips to add, please let us know!

And of course – Do not forget to book your Gold Coast Removals Company;  Ring Andrew on 0417 952 748 now!

Gold Coast Removals – Fun Break

All Gold Coast Removals get stressful at some point.

Take a fun break, restore your sense of humour, and then get back to enjoying your move. If this does not work, probably nothing will – one of the most watched videos on Youtube and one of my favourite “Fun Breaks.”


Okay, your Gold Coast Removals Company called – They need you back on the job now 🙂

Work With You …

Hi, I'm Andrew and my Gold Coast Removals business specializes in working WITH you, to keep costs down.

Ring me now on 0417 952 748 to see how you can get all the equipment and expertise - including the truck - but still keep costs down by becoming one of the crew!

Gold Coast Removals

Please note that we also offer a
Gold Coast Taxi Truck Service and a Business Delivery Service
for things like white goods deliveries, kitchen fitouts, etc.

Butlers Mini Movit

Hi, I'm Natalie and I run the office side of Butlers Mini Movit.

Natalie - Gold Coast Removals, Mini Movit

You can contact me on (07) 5533 9547 to discuss any admin stuff, or if you can not reach Andrew on 0417 952 748

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Andrew regularly relocates large sensative freight for us from our Gold Coast Office to surrounding areas including Brisbane.
He is always prompt, hardworking and very helpful. Andrew always goes over and above to help us give excellent customer service to our customers.
I also booked Andrew to help me move house I have to say was the fastest and safest move I have had and at a reasonable price I would recommend Butlers Mini move it to anyone.
Thanks for all your help Andrew

PT Store

Andrew and Kyle moved us after recommendation from a family member. They were very efficient and extremely careful with our things. We were moved in record time and the price was very reasonable. I would not hesitate to recommend them to all my friends and work mates. I would certainly use them again. Thanks guys.

Kay Grainger

I arranged to have Andrew move me after hearing how good he was from a friend of mine. Andrew and his offsider arrived at my place in Labrador and had all my furniture (three bedrooms duplex) and my other belongings in my new residence in Merrimac within 4 hours. They didn't stop except to chat with Col who was there to help.
They were flat out the entire time and did an awesome job. I can't thank them enough and will definately use them again. Thanks guys